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Tooth hurting after Rootcanal

I am in dire need of help.

Right before Thanksgving I was experiencing pain from a tooth with a 3 year crown. The crown felt lower as if it had shifted, there was pain sensitivity to hot/cold and it hurt when I bit down. The dentist sent me to an endodontist who discovered infection. I had a root canal done and was put on a regime of antibiotics for 10 days. The bite was off for some reason and that was adjusted as well.

All the symptoms subsided except now there is a pain/soreness on the SIDES of the crowned tooth. The gum area feels fine. I went back to the endodontist today and spoke to him about these sensations on the sides of the tooth. He could not figure why this was happening, and went through all  deductive reasoning of what it could be. He said the crown looked fine but the gums however,  were swollen. He put me on a medicated oral rinse and told me to check with him in two weeks. This may seem  weird but one thing I had not noticed until I got home today is that the tooth hurts when it is tapped on or near the sides  BUT if I place my thumb under the bottom of that  tooth to apply pressure  and THEN tap, there is NOT ANY pain at all.

My question is could it be an ill fitting crown that is the culprit here? All things point to that in my mind. Before I knew better, I would floss between the crown in a downward motion and I think that may have loosened the crown to some degree, and that is possibly  when the infection was able to begin. The fact that the bite was fine and then it was too low,...low enough to have to be adjusted ( mind you this is a 3 year crown with no bite problems at all) and when I push on the crown there is no sensation...yet when I take the pressure away there is pain. It's as if the pressure is moving the crown to the correct place and taking it away lets it go back to the same weird feeling position.
I don't want anymore infection to get under the tooth. Does it sound like I need to get the crown replaced?? Has anyone experience this type of situation with their tooth?
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a simple adjustment may be needed. maybe the root canal missed something and needs to be redone.  it is possible you have a root fracture. they usually dont show up on xrays and theres really no fix for it but extraction.
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Thanks for the comment. The endodontist does not think its the root canal as I have no hot/cold symptoms. I agree with you on the adjustment. Until then I am rising with a medicated rinse the doctor prescribed for the swollen gumline around the crowned tooth. I hope no extraction is necessary.
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"This may seem  weird but one thing I had not noticed until I got home today is that the tooth hurts when it is tapped on or near the sides  BUT if I place my thumb under the bottom of that  tooth to apply pressure  and THEN tap, there is NOT ANY pain at all."

Just read your comment how is your tooth now? Im experiencing the same problem after being preped for a crown on Friday. I have no lump or any facial swelling but by god am I in pain.
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I have similar symptoms. I had a root canal on a lower molar 6 months ago and am still waiting for it to settle down. from reading various blogs I realise I am lucky in two regards. I have no pain unless I actively bite/chew and I have refused to continue with phase two canal treatment or a crown until the tooth is completely painfree. Apart from the large costs involved I cannot see any sense in continuing on a plan for a tooth that is not ' right'. I have been back to the endodontist and had the whole root canal treatment again, fine tuning of bite etc at no cost ( my idea)he seems very competent and thorough but only outcome was that gums sometimes have phantom like pain for about a year after treatment. Options to have extraction and bridge, implant, orthodontics or wait and see. like you I have no pain biting directly down on tooth or touching gum but only when tapping sides. I am a nurse and the whole thing is a complete mystery to me. My dentist has no answer and we only have one endodontist in the city. I am about to approach a University Dental School for some ideas, I feel like I am in limbo with only a temporary filling. I do feel extraction would solve the problem but don't want to lose the tooth.
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Go see a prothsodontist...they are dentists with extra training in crowns, etc....
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