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Tooth implant, infection and sweating

Hi all,

six months ago I got a titanium implant for a tooth that was extracted a while back.
About six weeks ago apparently I developed an infection (periimplantitis) on my new implant.
I had an abscess, got antibiotics for a few weeks, until the dentist cleaned out the bone two weeks ago.
The implant is still there.

Here is my question: since I have first developed the abscess I keep sweating at night. I'm waking up basically every night sweating. It's not really bad, I never had to change PJs or sheets, but it's really disturbing.

Does anyone have any idea if this abscess and an infection around the implant could be the cause of this?
Has anybody else experienced this before?


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No one answered this person's question, but
I'm getting an implant in my number 30 since it had to be pulled due to a crack clear down to the root.  Every one tells me it will be fine and there shouldn't be any problems.

How does an infection develope with an implant?  I think I read two posts on here about
patients getting infections from an implant with titanium.
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I've had no response yet. From what I have found I think I'm just one of the few cases where this happens. Periimplantitis seems to be one of the rare complications with implants. Apparently the only way to figure out if everything is healing well is through another x-ray in two weeks.
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Which tooth was replaced? lower, upper, anterior, bicuspid, molar?
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It's a lower molar
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If you get infection on your tongue side, I am assuming, most probably, the jaw bone was perforated, and the tip of the implant is hanging out of the jaw bone, cannot see it on xray, unless you get a cat scan done. If this happened on the upper, and the tip of implant ended up in sinus, it's generaly ok. On the lower molar area, it's starts out thick and then it narrows down, to a thinner thickness. So if you have a perforation,  If that is the case, it will never heal, no matter how much antibiotic you take. I am just guessing that being the case, implants can be very tricky. Could also be something else, but get a skan, to at least rule it out. See what your dentist suggests.  
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Has anyone had experience with tooth being perforated by post during rootcanal treatment?  Is this malpractise by a dentist or is it just one of those things that happens and just an unfortunate situation for the patient. Paid $3500, for root canal treatment that seeminly went well but have now had tooth removed due to perforation of jaw bone by post (extensive bone loss). Dentist assured me was not my fault as I did nothing wrong nor did he ??????????
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