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Tooth pain, dentist say there is nothing wrong with tooth. Help needed urgently


I am in desperate need of help!

So basically, a year ago now I took a 3 hour flight on holiday and on the way there had excruciating pain in one of my back right teeth, the pain was so intense I couldnt breathe, I was dizzy and felt like I was about to pass out. On descent the pain stopped and it was like nothing had happened. I was confused and thought this may be due to getting sugar in a hole or something however it happened on the way back,

I read up and found out it was due to having a hole in the tooth and the pressure of this. I went to the dentist and they couldn't see anything wrong with my tooth however they said they would re fill the filling in my tooth and so this is what they did.

Months have passed and I am still getting a really sharp pain in that tooth when something greasy, too hot, too cold or anything else gets on top of the tooth whilst I am eating. It is a horrible pain but bearable, I think it is more the fear of getting that pain that I had on the plane again that is worse.

I have been to two private dentists and my usual dentist and they all say that my tooth looks fine and I don't need any work on it but there is pain there. More to the point, I am due to fly to New York for my 21st Birthday in 6 months and I am petrified to fly, if I don't get something sorted with my tooth then I fear I will not be able to get on the plane.

The dentist has suggested root canal but it seems barbaric that they are unable to find a problem with a tooth that has been causing me pain for over a year now.

I would appreciate any help or advise from anyone as I am really at the end of my tether now.

Many thanks in advance
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I would think along the same lines with possibly doing a root canal on the tooth.  If the tooth is that symptomatic to hot, cold, etc it should be easier to identify and fix.  Try seeing a root canal specialist (endodontist) and see if they can find anything.
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