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Tooth sensitivity

Hello, 2 month ago I replaced my old silver filling to a white one. I didn't experiance any pain or sensitivity before however after operating on my tooth and placing new white filling I notice pain around this area. I visited dentist several time and they adjust the filling so that I can bite normaly which helped but I still have pain while drinking cold or even room temeprature drinks. The sensitivity goes usually after few seconds. I visited my dentist again and he told me that it might be a problem with the tooth next to it and if not then he recommends root canal treatment. I had already one root canal done on another root which was painful for 1.5 month because they couldnt find my nerves and I would like to not go though this again. Is there a way to avoid it? Since I didn't experiance pain before with my old filling may that be a dentist fault doing a bad job? Thank you for answers!
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Ugh, can I just say I hate tooth stuff. First, your dentist should be able to take an x ray to see what is going on. If there is a tooth that is in need of a root canal nearby, they should be able to see it on an x ray. It is very true that pain can be referred and it's actually the other tooth causing you to feel the pain. I think too, a filling that is too large can create some discomfort so make sure that's not the case. (too large for the area created to house it, I mean). I do know that every time you replace a filling, the area has to get bigger in order to do so. So, it may have jostled things around. But if you need a root canal, you need it. Don't be afraid. When did you have your last root canal?  have had more than I care to admit. they have come a LONG way. Each experience is going to be a little different but I had a double root canal (two beside each other) and I was feeling better without pain in about a week and a half. I get the nitrous oxide during the procedure so I'm just floating and not really paying much attention (so WORTH the extra money). Go get an x ray and make sure that there isn't a tooth in need. Then have them check the size of the filling. Go to a different dentist if you don't have faith in this one. One bad root canal shouldn't mean they will all be like that. I've had good and bad experiences. But you gotta take care of this. Let me know what you think
Hello! Today I had my filling changed. I still feel pain on it but I will be able to say how i feel in few days. However I do feel pain from cold in the tooth which was operated few weeks ago. I am really confused about the root canal which they will probably suggest if the pain won't stop. I might see another dentist to have a look at this. Thank you very much for your comment!
You are welcome. They can see if a root is involved in an x ray!  You need an up to date x ray. How are your gums? sometimes those can cause sensitivity too and if you use the special gum sensitive toothpaste, after a couple of days it feels better.
My gums are fine, I don't think there is any problem with them. I tried in the past toothpaste Sensodyne for the sensitivity to cold pain but it didn't help at all.
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sensitive teeth pain is so disgusting and painful. the pain will get worse when I eat or drink something cold or hot. the pain will remain for a few hours.  
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Hello here i like to share for your problem that have you the sensitive toothpaste maybe it relive your tooth low your teeth sensitivity and still if not working and you want to go for Root Canal then yes you must have to experiences the some pain but as of now the technology is growing so some injections and that numb the sensitive teeth area and then start the Root canal. Also i prefer just go for a Good and have a high experiences in the Dental Field.  
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