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Tooth socket not filled to the top of gumline, is this normal?

I had a partially impacted wisdom tooth surgery, (extraction of it) on 18th this month, I've been having difficulties with clot staying in place the first day, luckily the bleeding stopped after 10hrs... There's less swelling around the wound and now after 5 days behind the stitches there's a huge hole, I can't seem to see the clot, it is not filled to the top of my gumlines, it looks like only half of it is filled I'm not sure since it's very dark inside but I'm sure the upper cavity is empty. The walls inside of the hole are red/dark red in color, I don't have any pain at all. The only thing I'm feeling is stiff cheek at the side close to my jaw since the first day of the surgery and awful taste for which my dentist told me to mouthwash with sage. My concern is, is this hole supposed to be filled to the top with clot or this sounds as normal way of healing?
Can anyone tell me please? I'm dissolving stitches in 2 days but the not lnoeing part is killing me.
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The filling is just to prevent bone -loss.
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