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Two Grand Mals in a Row under Laughing Gas

I'm getting a temporary crown done a week before Christmas at Perfect Teeth, and since I am deathly scared of needles, my mother and I decided to use Nitrous Oxide for the procedure. I'm 24 years old and about 140ish pounds, and I'm breathing deeply into the mask, when I black out. Apparently I had my first Grand Mal seizure and the dentist switches back to oxygen when I come back. I asked my mom what happened and she answered that I had a Grand Mal. So we tried again with the Nitrous Oxide only after a good 10 minutes of oxygen and I blacked out again. This time the Dentist was quicker to switch back to oxygen and woke back up from the second Grand Mal seizure. Even though I'm on a lot of medicine to control my seizures, this is so highly unusual.
I'd like to ask, am I ever be able to go back to using Nitrous Oxide or will I have to face my fear of needles?
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Speak to the physician that manages your seizure disorder and make sure that using Nitrous Oxide is okay. If you can't use Nitrous Oxide in future they can give you oral medications that will take your fears away and let you be really relaxed. If this isn't an option you can go to a Sedation Dentist. There are lots of options so don't worry, you will be able to maintain your oral health for the rest of your life.
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Your lucky your not me! I am not afraid of needles but I have an extremely low pain tolerance but a high tolerance to the numbing shots so it takes more to numb me fully. Yesterday I had to have a wisdom tooth pulled and it took 7 numbing shots to fully numb me so now I am extremely sore from the shots and the extraction :( not fun at all! I'm so glad I didn't have to have more than one pulled but now I don't have the very back teeth on the upper and lower right side of my mouth because last year I had to have the upper back tooth removed I don't think it was a wisdom tooth not sure if I even grew one in up top. Anywho I would like to know what happened if you were ever able to get work
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