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Two implants instead of braces and then one implant

Hi everyone,

This is very important to me.  My lateral Incisor (tooth #7? the one right next to my front tooth on my upper right jaw) never grew once the baby one fell off 8-9 years ago.  Quickly after it fell off, the canine right next to it (#6, my upper right jaw) started shifting to fill its space.  Very quickly the canine did its shifting and filled the space; it also twisted by about 10-20 degrees.  Since this situation is in the front of my mouth, it has been on my mind every second of every day for the past 8 years.  Every time I smile, talk, or open my mouth.  IT IS KILLING ME and I want it fixed!
I have visited multiple dentists with this issue.  Now, I'm 24 years old and in my prime days, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do I want to do braces (not an option for me).  Especially after waiting 9 years or so.  According to some dentists, it is also not possible to do Invisalign since my canine has rotated on top of shifting.
What I have been proposing the dentists that I visit is to simply extract my canine and implant two tooth there (one lateral incisor and one canine).  So far, every dentist I've visited has been on the "moral" side and they wouldn't want to remove my "healthy" canine tooth.
Money is not my main concern here.  I'm anticipating either direction I go, I'll end up spending about $8000 on this since insurance won't cover.
I would be grateful for life if anyone could point me in a direction that I could fix this without braces (again, won't do it). Or if anyone knows of any dentists that would extract my canine and implant two teeth there.
At his point, I've even considered breaking my canine so that the dentist can't say no to pulling it out or transforming it into the base for a crown that looks like a lateral incisor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance
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