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Ultra-sensitive teeth which makes me feel ill

I know this is a bit strange but I’m stuck with this problem and don’t know anyone who has anything similar. I appear to have ultra sensitivity in my teeth. If I eat anything thing with sugars in, even natural sugar as in a banana, I’m ok for a minute or so then I start to get this uncomfortable sensation where my teeth meet the gums. It happens with all my teeth and the discomfort, which is like an ache, gradually I’m creases until it starts to make me feel ill. I feel as though glands in my throat are starting to react and I start to get a headache. I cannot usually bear this for long before I have to brush my teeth. The problem then usually fades to a point where I can relax though the throat and headache symptoms take longer to fade.

I know people get sensitive teeth and I have had toothpaste for that and the dentist has applied gel to gums that is supposed to protect and soothe, but they don’t last long. There is no gum disease and apparently my teeth are healthy.

I feel a bit like the canary in the mine but put in place to detect sugars in foods. I have to avoid many savoury foods (or brush my teeth shortly after eating) because my teeth start to irritate and I realise they contain sugars. For example, I have this problem with some tinned soups and tinned baked beans. Of course, the same problem arises with cakes, choc, biscuits, ice cream and so on.

In one respect, it is helpful in reminding me to avoid sugary foods and in detecting hidden sugars in foods, but it is so uncomfortable.  My friends look at me as though I am crazy or something when I tell them why I won’t be having a cake.

I feel pretty isolated by this because even dentists are surprised by the level of sensitivity. It would be nice to be able to go out and have a coffee and cake with my friends but whereas they can sit and enjoy it, apparently without the slightest discomfort, I am having to take a toothbrush with me or just avoid the cake altogether. I cannot understand how others can be so insensitive.

I am also puzzled about why this makes me feel ill. Why do I start to feel like I am going down with flu or something after eating sugar?

It is likely that I have fibromyalgia, which I will be seeing a consultant about eventually, but this teeth thing does not seem to be a symptom of that. Do these symptoms mean anything to anyone?
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