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Underbite + high angle of mandible - how to decrease angle?

I'm looking for a way to correct the overly high angle of my mandible.

I have an overbite so intrusion of molars is not an option because the mandible has no space to rotate upwards

Beyond surgery, can anything be done in my case?

My upper incisors are retroclined, would proclining them and then moving the mandible forward into the space created (some space was alread there because I have minor overjet) cause the back part of the mandible to drop down? If not is there some other way to rotate the back of the mandible downward?

I don't know whether this is significant so I'll mention it just in case: I have narrow arches with the mandibular molars tipping toward the tongue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Sorry. I don't do ortothodontics so I can't really comment.  I would suggest seeing an orthodontist (or get a second opinion) on the matter to see what may be possibly done.

The determination for surgery is based upon the analysis of your jaw from x-rays.  If there's a problem with the jaw, then jaw surgery would correct it.  If the jaws are fine, then it may be the teeth. in which case surgery wouldn't be necessary.
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