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Upper left Wisdom Tooth


I'm booked in to have my upper left wisdom tooth removed this Friday and as the day approaches I'm becoming more and more concerned.  I've had teeth extracted at the dentist before, but there's something about the thought of the wisdom tooth coming out that terrifies me.  I spoke to my dentist (UK) and she said that if it was a bottom wisdom tooth she would refer me to the hospital, but as its the top there is no need as they come out relatively easily.  The tooth isn't impacted or anything and has been previously filled, but as a result of overcrowding it is extremely difficult to floss and is causing some problems - hence the removal.  Can someone put my mind at rest - I have two small children and can't afford to be laid up for days in pain - should I ask for a hospital referal? (Not that this would solve my child care problems, but at least I'd be asleep!!!!).

Any advice gratefully received.

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Hi there,

Thanks for putting my mind at rest!

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Upper wisdom tooth removal is totally different from that of lower wisdom tooth.Extraction of upper wisdom tooth generally takes no more than 10 miniutes. Post-op pain  and complications are generally minimal. Patients generally take one or two doses of OTC pain killer. Antibiotics is rarely needed. Swelling is a rare occurence.Your dentist was absolutely right.
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