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Hi, I am interested to know how a periapical abcess and cysts form.  
I have mod-advanced periodontal disease and developed a PA abscess and cyst in 7 months which caused severe pain and swelling that required extraction. How did it come about? Is it from dental decay combined with periodontal disease? It was tooth 26 with over 7 mm gum pocket and 50% mobility..  Just wondering if I could have saved it earlier with maybe a root canal?
Hope to hear from some expert.
Kind Regards
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Periodontal infection may cause peri apical abscess, but rarely happen. If it does, pocket depth  is probably more than 10 mm. 7 mm is not likely to cause peri apical infection.
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Generally, peri apical abscess results from decay, and oral bacteria gain access to peri apical area through root canal system. Rarely. Bacteria gain access through periodontal lesion , which is known as retrograde infection.
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thanks for responding.  Just a little unclear as to how a periapical abscess is caused.

You mention its from cavities.  Is it always from cavities.  Can it occur from periodontitis as well?

Tooth 26 had pulpal infection as well which is probably the same thing. It has grade 3 mobility with 7mm pockets.

So basically I lost this tooth from a cavity that caused decay to go to roots and then form abscess.  Is that correct?

Sorry, hope I haven't confused you.
Thanks kindly
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Hi there,
Is it possible to have a periapical abscess and no know you have it?  Also if you have advanced periodontitis with up to and over 50% bone loss as well as decay that the periodontal condition will worsen the decay or the other way decay worsens periodontal condition?

Thanks for your assistance.
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Periodontitis and cavity probably don't have interrelationship. As I said before, clinical judgement of a tooth whether it can be recused or not is very subjective, unless it is obviously hopeless, which is universally agreed.
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