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Hey doc,

I have an odd situation.  A couple weeks ago, i noticed some white stuff on the way back of my tongue accompanied by some red bumps, which could be normal because they dont hurt and dont look inflamed or anything.  I have looked at pictures of thrush, and it does have some similarities to it, however, it has not spread to anywhere else in the mouth and it is not curd like.  Furthermore, it does not come off, when i brush it or scrap it.  I did just finish a round of antibiotics, but i am dont know if it was present before this.  My questions are:

Can you give me some possibilities as to what this might be?

Should i seek medical attention for this problem?

Could it be related to the antibiotics or could it be related to so other disorder?  

Thank you for your time
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It could be related to the antibiotics you took.  It does not sound serious but to be sure, have a dentist or an oral surgeon examine you.  It is too difficult to diagnose without seeing the area.
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