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What are my options for replacing last upper molar?

An implant that tried to be fixed failed about a year ago after many procedures.  After waiting a year, I hated the feeling of having this huge hole or gap in my mouth so decided to try and replace the 1st implant. A tomogram showed that I had lost a lot of bone; so I needed a bone graft prior to the implant.  2 bone grafts failed because the sutures kept opening prematurely.  I was advised to try and let it heal (it is but slowly) and I'm at the point where I need some options.

I feel like I have a big hole in my mouth (back there) and I can't get used to it to the point that sometimes I wear a plastic mold that was made for me for tooth whitening a few years ago (just in the back).  It gives me the illusion that there is a tooth (and not a gap) back there, but of course it plastic and I only wear it when I'm alone.  It feels like my cheek is being sucked into the area where the last molar was.  The next molar is an implant as well.

Are there any options for me?  I've heard of flippers, cantilever bridges, etc. but I've been told that they'd probably be too uncomfortable for me.  I think nothing could be more uncomfortable than the way I feel now.  The tooth (or implant) not being there is hard to live with.  I'd try again in replacing the implant, but I've had too many failures.  But I'm hoping in this modern day of dentistry that something can be constructed to place over that area to at least make me feel that there's a tooth there.  I don't care if I can chew on it; I'd remove it if I had to.  

That plastic thing that I wear sometimes actually makes me feel better, except the plastic on the inside juts out too much plus even after putting toothpaste in it, it doesn't really stay to well.  I can't help think that there must be 'something' for me - an option that I can live with.

Thank you.
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Replacement of last molar with implant is ideal. Since implant site development was unsuccessful and it appears that you do not have motivation to go through again, perhaps implant supported cantilever bridge may meet your demand. As long as cantilevered Pontic has no occlusion with lower molar, single implant is safe.
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