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What can it be when your endo says there's no infection at the root?

Had a root canal done on an existing capped tooth, then several months later pain and infection, so surgery took place to clear root above gumline.
Now a year later I'm in pain again. The tooth felt long like something was pushing it down to make it longer.
I went to my Endo, had xray and he said there's No Infection at the root but said my sinus looked stuffy.
Now I feel a cold sensitivity on that upper tooth and it's starting to hurt my lower jaw tooth with a root canal directly under that top tooth that had a root canal.
I'm just out of ideas and want this to stop.  
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Seeing an ENT to rule out sinus pathology is advised. Sinus pathology may cause dental symptoms.
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Sounds like your bite is off ! ( as usual Dentists !  ) and the root canal might not be complete . Get a second opinion . I have had 22 root canals . Get Root canals  by an endodontist not a dentist.
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