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What is going on with these mouth sores? PIC

I have gotten canker sores in the past ...not excessively maybe one or two a year, small annoying but of course painful, and typical in length...lasting couple days and then clear up.
But over the last 5 months I have gotten big mouth sores that take weeks to heal, some scarring....extremely painful and big. And its one after another, either on my gum line, my tongue, most recent ones are on the roof of my mouth.(this one is almost cleared up and I will attach picture)...newest one is just starting it started as what felt like a swollen gum, like when you get some food stuck and gum swells...yet it appears this isn't the case. Now its swollen with white spots ...and not yet quite painful yet but it seems they all start like this (will attach photo as well). with flickr link https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

I will be trying to see dentist and or dr...I did see a dr for one that I had 3 weeks ago which has since cleared up, but now I was two more...its been months of this and I don't know what else to do, I'm in pain constantly, I can't eat, I am in pain talking...I use numbing stuff but it lasts maybe 30 seconds and I'm back to pain, Dr did prescribe a steriod canker sore cream which helped last canker, but not the roof of my mouth one.

I don't have lifestyle were it would be lifestyle related issue. Maybe dietry as I am over weight a good 40 lbs. But this would not be a sexual related medical problem. I do get cold sores a few times a year, which oddly enough I haven't gotten one in a long time, but again my cold sores are not due to lifestyle I've gotten them since I was a little girl.

Any suggestions? Just bad canker sores? There is a high incidence with diabetes in my family, and with my weight I do sometimes wonder if I have issues with my blood sugars. But clearly my immune system is acting up one way or another, I just don't know why? :( I've also gotten angular chellitis twice in my 32 years. So another tidbit of health info. Why am I getting all these proble immune issue sores??? :( It's scaring me.
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The location of ulcer is not common for aphthous stomatitis or aphthous ulcer, which is also known as canker sore. Seeing an oral medicine specialist is advised.
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Thank you, saw my Dr, he has ordered a bunch of blood work. He does think its more of a canker sore. but as to why and the severity he's hoping the blood work will tell him something
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