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What symptoms and signs did you experience with your gingivitis?

The presence of dental plaque, a sticky substance on the teeth, will inevitably cause gingivitis.  Swelling, redness, pain, and bleeding of the gums are signs of gingivitis. Swelling of the gums is referred to as gingival hyperplasia.  Receding gums are a sign of gingivitis that may be advancing into periodontal disease. Loose teeth or tooth loss in the presence of gum inflammation is a sign of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Halitosis (bad breath), in which the breath begins to take on a foul odor, may be present in more severe forms of gingivitis.
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I am now 57 and had gingivitis for several years after ignoring seeing the dentist. My gums were red and would bleed after brushing. I had a six-month treatment of antibiotics which helped, but the gingivitis returned after about a year.  Determined to try a battle it, I now brush my teeth with plaque fighting toothpaste. I follow up with a Water-Pik using 50% peroxide and mouthwash.  My last trip to the dentist for cleaning was great. It only took 20-25 minutes and my gums were pink. The hygienist couldn't believe what had occurred since the last visit thinking I would need further antibiotic treatment!
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I have been suffering from gingivitis since last 2 years, I have bleeding gums and receding gums.
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I have developed gingivitis over the last 4 to 5 weeks. I am on a steroid, and prednisone for breathing problems. I started with 60 mg daily and now I am taking 35 mg daily. I think the prednisone is the reason for my gingivitis. It lowers one's immune system.
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With gingivitis, I first had a sore on my tongue. Later, I experienced pains and weakness from my gums. Eventually, I found out that parts of my gums are loose and don't support my teeth, while others are swollen and reddened. Blood easily flows out with the least disturbance. I'm still struggling with it.
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