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What treatment will I need?

Hi all.

I will be seeing my dentist in a few weeks and I know I will have to have treatment done. I would like to post what my teeth are like here first so I will know what to expect.

I have cavities in my molars that are furthest back, so I'm expecting to be told I will need them filled.

The back of my incisors (between each one) feel rough, like sandpaper to an extent. My tip of my left lateral incisor (I think) also feels like sandpaper with a small chip. Well honestly, I'm not sure if it's a chip or if it's just sandpapery, if that makes sense. What treatment would be needed for this, if anything? Or if there's anything I can do myself to make them feel smooth again?

Thanks guys. :)
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EDIT: forgot to mention - the bottom of my lateral incisor and a few of my other incisors FEELS like there is a small parallel gap between the gumline. What is this? And again, what treatment would be needed?
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bump :)
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Anyone? Please?
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Treatment of cavities relies on upon how serious they are and your specific circumstance. Treatment alternatives:

Fluoride treatments: If your cavity is simply beginning, a fluoride treatment may reestablish your tooth's veneer.

Fillings: Fillings, now and then called rebuilding efforts, are the primary treatment choice when rot has advanced past the most punctual polish disintegration stage.

Crowns: If you have broad rot or debilitated teeth, you may require a crown — an exclusively fitted covering that replaces your tooth's whole characteristic crown. Your dental specialist will bore away all the rotted region and enough of whatever remains of your tooth to guarantee a solid match. Crowns might be made of gold, porcelain, gum, porcelain melded to metal or different materials.

Root canals: When rot achieves the inward material of your tooth (mash), you may require a root trench. This is a treatment to repair and spare a severely harmed or tainted tooth as opposed to expelling it.

Tooth extractions: Some teeth turn out to be so extremely rotted that they can't be reestablished and should be evacuated. Having a tooth pulled can leave a crevice that permits your other teeth to move.
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