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What were the symptoms of your toothache?

Toothache and jaw pain are common complaints. It is not unusual for one to feel mild pain from pressure and hot or cold exposure to the tooth. However, if the pain is severe or persists for longer than 15 seconds after the pressure or temperature exposure ceases, then this could be an indication of a more serious problem. If there is severe inflammation of the tooth, the pain can radiate to the cheek, the ear, or the jaw. The signs and symptoms that might lead one to seek care include the following:Pain with chewingSensitivity to hot or cold air and liquidsBleeding or discharge from around a tooth or gumsSwelling around a tooth or swelling of the jaw or cheekInjury or trauma to the areaThese signs and symptoms may sometimes be associated with dental decay or gum disease (periodontal disease). Dental decay or an area of redness around the tooth's gum line may point to the source of pain. If one taps an infected tooth, it may make the pain more intense. This sign may point to the problem tooth even if the tooth appears normal.A toothache needs to be differentiated from other sources of pain in the face. Sinusitis, ear or throat pain, or an injury to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that attaches the jaw to the skull can be confused with toothache. Pain from a deeper structure (called referred pain) may be passed along the nerve and be felt in the jaw or tooth. In order to pinpoint the source of the pain and get relief, an evaluation by a dentist or doctor is appropriate.
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I have a loose tooth which is extremely painful to hot and cold eating and everything. It's not the first one this has happened to and hope it falls out soon as the other did. I might need the dentist but it looks terrible and the pain of the injection might just be too much. In the meantime it is ibuprofen for me.
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I have tooth ache. My tooth is sensitive to both hot and cold. I don't know if this is nerve damage or cracked tooth.
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I have pain in my tooth on daily basis from morning to evening and sometimes I feel pain when I drink water. The pain lasts long, for more than 6 hours.
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I had a cracked tooth that the filling fell out of. I had it filled and now I'm getting pain that radiates to my ear, and major sensitivity to cold and pain with chewing. The dentist said I would need a root canal.
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