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When is it safe to smoke after having a dry socket?

So, Today is Wednesday May 4th.. which is almost two weeks since I have gotten my wisdom teeth out (Got them out two Thursdays ago Apr. 21) I developed a dry socket somewhere between one and three days afterwards.. Waited until the next Friday Apr. 29 (8 days later) until I started getting the packing and the dentist told me it had started healing on its own and was now relatively "small" and would only take a few days to heal and maybe one or two packings so I got the second packing done on the following Monday May 2 (2 days ago) and I believe it is still in there (not sure if its dissolvable or not).. .. How do I know when it is healed (either by look or feeling)?  When is it safe to smoke? Is there a chance that I might get another dry socket after this socket is healed if I do smoke? I have not smoked this entire time so that was not a factor in the first one..
Very confused!
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Smoking is a high risk activity during the healing process that can result in dry socket.  You should probably be okay to smoke but of course, I would recommend taking advantage of your smoking break to try to stop smoking entirely.  
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