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Which is better Dental Implant or Braces?

Hello all,

I’m around 32 now and I’ve a missing molar on my lower jaw. My dentist ( Pearl Dental ) in Burlington, told me that I can get a mini implant, but one of my teeth maybe cut off in order to make space. My friends also told me that uprighting the tipped molar is the best option for me and I can do a dental implant in place of the missing tooth. While checking online I found a person telling like, cutting teeth is not a good plan and it is better to go for braces. But, I don’t think he is right and I choose to go with my dentist. What you think? Should I go for implants braces?
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Mini implant is not a good option for molar replacement. Seeing an orthodontist and/or implantologist is advised.
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I'd get the implant since you're still youngish.  If your teeth are crooked I'd get braces as well. I don't spare any expense on my own teeth and I always advise my patients to do the same.  I'd go around for consultations and go with the dentist you like the most and can afford. Good luck.
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I was reading this comment and saw you're a dentist, and was hoping you might be able to answer a question on wisdom teeth I had! I got my wisdom teeth removed 5 years ago and since then, think I've noticed slight facial changes. I know dental implants are never done for wisdom teeth, but think I have found a specialist who will do them, and was wondering what your opinion is on this? I know they are commonly done on 2nd molars with positive esthetic results so am thinking they'll be the same for the wisdoms? Thanks so much in advance!
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