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White tongue on the back, normal?

I have a OCD with STD cause i´ve had a risk situation. I was negative for all STD tests but i keep looking my white and i think is white. My otolaryngologist said it was normal and discarded candidiasis.

What do you think? Is normal or something is happening? Candidiasis?



PD: Yesterday i put some sodium bicarbonate and this white thing it decreased, ill try again and maybe it dissapears totally. As i said im obsessed with hiv but i tested 4 times negative for this. But i continue making my head around this idea. So if the bicarbonate worked can i discard a candidiasis and is just a food question and bad hygiene of my tongue? Thankss

the bicarbonate stuff was after the photos, i edit because its misunderstood
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Hi there,
A clinical examination is essential for correct diagnosis of your condition. Few common conditions causing white tongue are oral thrush, leucoplakia, lichen planus.Oral thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth caused by a fungus. It causes a burning sensation on the tongue with white plaques .It is common after taking antibiotics, people with weakened immune system. Leukoplakia can develop after chronic tongue irritation commonly associated with drinking and smoking. In oral lichen planus there are white steaks and white patches on the tongue. The exact cause can be determined only after seeing a doctor. Treatment will depend on the cause.
Best wishes and regards!
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