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Who is best first line to dx buccal annomalie? Gp or dentist

I have an issue with my  mouth and tong . Over a month ago I started to have mild throat ache no temperature or sign of infection or inflammation at the time. 4 weeks ago I saw my dental hygienist she did all the checks she is thorough she checked my tong and did not see anything because it was not constant pain more  discomfort I did not mentioned it. Then the dentist came and did his own exam and all was good.
Now for a week I have more light pain there,  when I swallow, I have to say here that at a time I swallowed a fist full of health supplement that got stuck in my throat and these were large elongated pills a foolish thing to do. It caused fear and pain
This morning I look there and saw an area of almost 4 cm. on the cheek side that stretch to tong side with if I don't go to ER (this is not ER stuff) something like a bruise and redness at the base of my tong. I know that I need to see someone. I can go and see a GP it might take a while  but can end up saying it's just a  sore throat and retard real diagnostic or my dentists who is up to date on all oral techniques
Question : Who is the best to diagnosed oral cancer or else, a GP or a oral surgeon ? Please I need an answer as fast as possible
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Oral surgeon

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