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Why am I experiencing long term painful fillings?

It all started when I got two fillings on my left hand side done, one on the upper molar and one on #19. At first the fillings were pain free for 5 days, but one day I woke up from going to a concert (don't know if me dancing is relevant and did damage?) and #19 hurt horribly when chewing (upper one was fine.) I went to the dentist and got an adjustment and that only helped marginally. I went back around 5 more times and the pain became just a tiny area of pain in a certain part of the tooth when chewing crunchy or hard things. Then I got a sedative filling done at the beginning of the year and the pain stayed the same (its a tiny area on the tooth not the filling) I got x rayed and referred to an endodontist and he said I didn't have a crack, the filling was shallow and to let it chill out because root canal was overkill. Well I haven't taken out the sedative filling because I went to get more fillings done on the other side of my mouth. This time 2 on top 1 on bottom. Now the top ones hurt horribly, have gotten a couple adjustments and still hurt really bad. These are extremely sensitive to cold and forget about chewing pretty much most things. I'm extremely frustrated because my dentist and I are at a loss what to do. I can't afford a different dentist and she said seeing the endodontist for the other side at this point might be a waste of money. She had a feeling I was clenching so I bought a dental guard to sleep with and that didn't help either. She recommended one custom made but I don't know if that would help either at this point? Does anyone have any advice?
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Seeing a prosthodontics to do occlusal adjustment is advised.
You think I need my teeth reshaped or added onto so I no longer feel the pain?
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