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Will this burning pain go away on its own?

I recently had 3 facial fillings on the L side-2 upper teeth and 1 lower. The numbing shot really hurt when I was receiving it which has never happened before. I am now getting pain that turns into a burning sensation in my gums and teeth on the left which starts on the bottom and the moves to the top gum area on the left and can zing up to my temple area. Hot liquids seem to be the worst culprit but chewing can also bring it on. It is excruciating and can last from 1-2 minutes up to much longer. Swishing tepid water seems to calm it down. Could this be an irritated nerve at the injection site? The injection site is still sore if pushed on almost 3 weeks later. Will it go away?
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Going back to your dentist to have a post op exam is advised.
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