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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Hi, I am 28 year old male who has 4 impacted wisdom teeth (horizontal impaction
for the lower teeth, diagonally impacted for the upper teeth) and I am
thinking of getting my wisdom teeth extracted since my dentist says that
the impaction may cause problems later on.

I have actually seen 2 dentists, (one oral surgeon and one periodontist)
one who advised me to get all 4 removed, and another who is going to take out
the lower teeth one at the time, and not operate on the upper ones because they
aren't as badly impacted. I've decided to go with the latter advice. (the periodontist)

The main problem I am facing is that since the lower teeth are horizontally
impacted, the root of each lower tooth is close to a nerve, so both dentists
have warned me about the possible risk of paresthesia - loss of sensation,
possibly permanent, in my lip area. This scares me more than the surgery or the
cost of it (both of which are not exactly pleasant but are bearable) On the plus
side, the risks of that are apparently very low, but I am still worried.

As my wisdom teeth, even as badly impacted as they are (both dentists say they are
pretty bad) have not caused me any problems so far, right now I am asking myself why
I am risking possible nerve damage and paying for an operation that I don't need at
the moment. Of course it's to get rid of any possible complications that may arise in
the future, but I don't KNOW that my wisdom teeth will cause problems in the future,
whereas the cost and risk are real.

(My mother only had 1 wisdom tooth removed and never had any other problems with them
after that. Hers weren't as badly impacted as mine were, though.)
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Thanks a lot for replying to my post! I didn't know there was a forum more suited to my post, I'll post there instead. But thanks once again for your insights and advice, they were most helpful and information.

I will definitely think things through before deciding on a course of action.
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This question would probably be better asked in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery section with the oral surgeon.

But the risk of nerve damage is hard to predict.  It is, on average, probably 1% or so.  But depending on how close the root is to the nerve, the risks could be higher.  You may want to ask your dentist/periodontist to give you a guess but it'll always be hard to give any real accurate number.  

I would recommend getting it out.  If it does start causing problems, it could damage the roots of the teeth in front of them, resulting in damage and possible removal of both the wisdom tooth and the tooth in front of it.  It just depends on how the infection occurs and where it spreads.

Bone shards can hurt but can also be easily fixed by removing them.  They also can fall out on their own if you're patient enough.

3D scans aren't the standard of care at the moment but having a 3D image probably would help to figure out where the wisdom teeth are.  

As for nerve repair, I don't do that so I don't know much about it.  You may want to ask the oral surgeon or you may want to ask neurology.
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(split into multiple parts due to length)

I have researched this issue quite thoroughly, visiting tons of websites and forums in
an effort to obtain useful information. While I now know tons more about wisdom teeth
that I ever imagined possible, I am nowhere closer to deciding on what to do. I am
leaning towards getting them removed, since the impaction seems quite bad and I do not
relish the prospect of having MORE dental problems in the future. In addition I am
planning on studying overseas and I don't want to have to pay top dollar for dental
health wherever I go, since one of my dentists is a family friend and may give a discount.

But I am still worried about the nerve damage thing - if not for that I'd be in the
dentist's chair tomorrow!

This is bugging me a great deal (as you can no doubt tell from the long post!) and I
still have some questions :

1. I've heard about nerve repair surgery in the case that something DOES go wrong.
Does anyone know about that?

2. If it's the root of the tooth near the nerve that is causing all the trouble, should
I consider a coronectomy? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronectomy) It involves
simply removing the upper part of the tooth so that the root is undisturbed, as
opposed to the whole tooth.

3. I've also heard about bone shards, which sound very painful. Are they likely
to occur?

4. Should I bother to get a 3D scan? I currently only have an X-Ray done. (Or is this
something I should ask my dentist instead?)

4. If I DON'T go for the operation, what are the chances of my wisdom teeth
continuing to grow and causing me problems in the future? Is there any way to tell?

I am most probably going to see my dentist again to get things sorted out,
but it would be great if anyone could answer any of my questions, or provide any
information pertaining to wisdom teeth extraction that might be helpful.

Thanks in advance!
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