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Wisdom Teeth Removal complications

My daughter (16 years old) had her wisdom teeth out about 16 days ago.  She had "cysts"(what the oral surgeon called them) around her bottom 2 wisdom teeth and the top 2 teeth were impacting the sinuses so he had to put extra stitches in to close the sinus.  The bottom left one was the worst and had to have an extra long incision cut into it.  It would not quit bleeding so it was packed with gauze and we returned 4 days later for removal of the packing.  This left a VERY large hole in her mouth which resulted in a fever and dry socket 2 days later.  She was prescribed amoxicilan and he packed both bottom sites with the clove medicine.  She felt better but started have lots of drainage from her upper right area which looks healed but there is a constant stream of yellow-green snot looking drainage.  It has an awful taste and smell so they put her on a Z-pak.  We are on day 4 of that and the drainage is more than it used to be.

She is super frustrated because she has the large "cave"(what the dental assistant likes to call it) in the bottom of her mouth and this nasty drainage coming from the top on the opposite side.  Nothing tastes good and she is constantly having to rinse to keep food out of the hole.  I am concerned with 2 things.
1. That hole is going to take weeks to heal.  It is a good 3/4 inch long and 1/2 inch deep.
2. I think the drainage from the upper could be caused by the sinus not being completely closed off.

The dentist does not seem concerned and thinks it will heal eventually.
Should I be getting a second opinion?  Should I request stitches or something to speed the healing process?
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hey I got 5 top teeth extracted and the one  molar opened a hole in my sinus and has  been  getting food stuck inside and tastes horrible I can hardly breethe and there is green/yellow mucus coming out of my nose and when I gargle salt water it comes out of my nose.. I believe this is a sinus perforation from the top right molar that got removed.. can they do anything at the hospital or med exress for me?
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Get your daughter to gargle her mouth with salty water and then spit it out.

She is taking the antibiotic and that should in the next few days clear up the infection.  

When I had my wisdom teeth removed in hospital, they did not stitch up the bottom gum and one had to be packed because of the bleeding.  An injection of Vitamin K was given to me to help stop the bleeding.

The cuts do take quite a long time to heal and it is a nuisance when you get food trapped and especially small pieces like rice.  I remember having to get rice out of the unhealed gum by using a cocktail stick.

As you are concerned about the top sinus being cut and not closed off properly, a second opinion would put your mind at rest.

Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery.
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She did have an X-ray taken prior and it was done by an oral surgeon.  He told me that her roots were into the sinus but he put extra stitches in to close it off.
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Did he x-ray before doing the surgery?  My sister works for a regular dentist.  

A dentist she used to work for once failed to take x-rays before doing an extraction, and he therefore didn't know the roots were up in the sinus.  He should have sent the patient to an oral surgeon because when he did the extraction, it opened up a sinus.  My sister felt this was a disaster that could have been avoided by sending this patient to an oral surgeon, but I do not know what the oral surgeon would have done.  I would have suspected it would have been done in the hospital and it would have been closed with a bone graft, but I do not know this for a fact.  
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