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Wisdom Tooth Removal

I'm not sure what my topic is ....  I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled a week ago.  The dentist who pulled them had me awake with local pain killers.  The right two were the hardest to get out and they spent an hour extracting them.  I knew when they were doing it that they were pulling fairly hard on my jaw and possibly unhinging it as I go to a chiropractor often to get my jaw aligned.  I told them of the pain in my jaw as they were yanking and pulling but they said the bottom right was on a nerve and that was what was causing the pain.  They sent me home and three days after the extractions, I noticed a very hard bump in my lower right jaw about an inch from my mouth that was hot and tender to the touch.  I called them and they said it was probably muscles that were just tense and to keep taking my pain meds.  I now am off of my pain meds and over the past couple of nights the bump as slowly started to gravitate up my lower right jaw line toward the back of my jaw.  The swelling around it is gone but it is still hard as my elbow and tender if you put to much pressure on it.  I can't open my mouth all the way, in fact I'm lucky to be able to open it wide enought to get two finger widths in or my toothbrush.  The extractions seem to be healing great and the stiches are coming out now.  Should I be concerned that the lump is my jaw out of place or something?  I called the dentist and told them the lump is still there but they still seem less then concerned and tell me "I was a difficult extraction and could take time to heal."  What do you think?
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I would suggest you ask to be seen and get a definitive diagnosis as to what is present in your mouth and the fact that you are still having problems with your jaw opening.
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this is a serious problem.  if they don't want to deal with you, then i suggest you see another dental professional.  do not wait as this could be very serious.
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