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Wisdom teeth removal

Hello Doctor(s),

I recently has 3 of my wisdom teeth removed on wends 2/11/08. 2 on the right and 1 on the bottom left. The bottom left one has caused some issues for me. I now have loss sensitivity in the bottom part of my jaw, gumline, and teeth. I also cannot feel the upper left front tooth. Also the left side of my chin and bottom part of my face are numb. I wanted to know what I should do I was told that this can last up to a year. I‘m much more proactive then reactive so I want to take the necessary steps to see what I can do to fix this, I’m only 26 and would hate to feel like this for the next year.

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Seeing a neurologist is advised.
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The numbness is still present and has never disappeared since the surgery. The surgeon never advised me of any issues during surgery. I went to receive a 2nd opinion from my mothers oral surgeon and he advised me that from the x rays he took in his office that I had nerves connected to the end of the root of the tooth on the left bottom side. For post operative instructions I was given a 1 sheet of paper and it explained the side effects not really how to treat them or how long they would persist.

What do you suggest as moist heat? I’m assuming a warm wash cloth? Any particular time to apply then let rest before reapplying?
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The main thing is , did you at any point after the surgery have sensation back in those areas? Or was it that you never felt anything after the numbness left?
Were you made aware of any issues after the surgery by the surgeon? Were you given proper post operative instructions and did you follow them properly..

I would have to beleive that if there were any serious issues with the surgery the doctor would have made you aware, if there was not any mention then I would have to beleive that this is only post operative edema and swelling and it is puttting pressure on the area and the nerves running.  Did you ice the area right after the proceedure? at this point being 5 days post op. you need to start applying moist heat to the area to breakdown the hematoma and reduce swelling. This may very well do the trick,, it will still take a few weeks but it would not be a year..
my suggestion; speak to your doctor and ask if there were anything that you should know..
Hopefully it is only the swelling and hematoma and nothing serious.
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