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Wisdom teeth still growing, I am 33 years old

I just turned 33 years of age. White male of European Slavic decent, no health problems, normal height 6 feet and 200 pounds. Thing is, I still have wisdom teeth coming out. Back there some are still fully under the skin but slowly growing in size, others are half way out. Some I feel will start growing soon, they are still very small bumps under the skin. There is no pain or discomfort. Teeth are normal and still coming out on the top left and right and bottom left and right of the jaw, just wisdom teeth.
Overall I am simply concerned because I am 8 years over the development of teeth. The only reason I found over the internet that may delay dental development is a down syndrome, I am totally not that. Thus, the conundrum.
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It's unusual for wisdom teeth to come in at your age, but it can happen. You may want to see your dentist to find out if it's alright to just let them come in or not.
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What world of absolutes are there? Im 44 and have a wisdom that grew (painfully) up and thru skin and just recently broke thru and is just a wobbly small burden.  Im not a scientist but there is a lot of variety, not just gene abnormalities. I remember this one guy (normal intelligence) with two sets of teeth who could eat glass
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