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Wisdom tooth at age 48

At age 48 i had a root canal done my bottom right molar, with a filling. The filling never felt quite right even though the dentist tried to correct it. My bite changed and I began feeling the break through of my first and only wisdom tooth on the top right side. Over the last several years(now age 51) these two things have caused my teeth to shift and i now have a gap in the front. is it appropriate to have the wisdom tooth removed(it have out) and get braces?
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Me personally, if the wisdom tooth is causing problems, get it pulled. As for the braces, that's something that a dentist or an orthodontist needs to make a judgement call on. I do believe that there are braces for older people that are hardly visible at all if you're worried about cosmetics.

I would also get your bite checked out by another dentist and see if it can be corrected. In fact, I'm surprised that you're not complaining about pain on that side of the mouth, because typically a bite that's off can at times be rather painful because of extra pressure.

If it was me, I get the wisdom tooth pulled and the bite corrected, especially the bite.
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