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Yellow lump on the side of my tongue?

Hello, I am a 19yr old female and have recently noticed whilst inspecting my mouth that I have a yellow part that is attached to the far side of my tongue actually on the side of it. It is NOT painful and I don't know how long I have had it on my tongue as I can not even feel that it is there. I brush my teeth everyday and I do not smoke nor do I drink.  However I have tried to look what it is online and some searches have indicated it that it could be cancer. I have attached some pictures that I have took of it. Should I be worried and go have it checked out by the doctor?
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The exact cause of your symptoms can be decided only after a clinical examination of your tongue. Tiny bump on the side of tongue can be due to constant irritation of the fungiform papillae. Small bumps can be caused by oral herpes simplex virus complex, allergic reactions, early stage syphilis, canker sores, bacterial infections or tuberculosis. Immune disorders can also cause tongue bumps. Mouth cancer can cause a lump or area of thickened skin on the side of your tongue. A clinical examination is must. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Seek medical opinion. Keep me posted.
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I will go to the GP and have this checked out as soon as possible but from looking at the pictures I have attached, what are the odd's that it could be cancer? I know that you cannot give a full diagnosis without an actual examination. By the way, I also can swallow fine, eat fine, there is no tongue pain and I don't have a sore throat and I have no red patches on my tongue.
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