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Yellow teeth,how to make it white???

My teeth are a bit yellow, I would like to ask how to make teeth so white, I don't want to do teeth whitening, because I am afraid that it might hurt my tooth. Are there other ways to get my teeth white?
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I'm sorry, but I would say that this advice would actually cause more harm than good. Hydrogen peroxide as a home remedy - will it whiten teeth? Yes, but it may open a whole can of worms for you too. What sort? Thrush for one.
Research? One of many...

The easiest way to whiten your teeth would be to:
A) Get a toothpaste with whitening additives
B) Consult your dentist about best outside of the office (or inside) whitening method for you. Older products may have caused some damage to teeth, but current generation shows no damage to the tooth structure. Most of the common side effects of whitening though are: hypersensitivity of the tooth structure, and damage to the gums, hence why patients need to follow those guidelines which are provided on the boxes. And why they do not follow guidelines? Because most of the time they were not explained that you cannot whiten your teeth beyond the shade of white you were born with.

A bit of an explanation, baby teeth by nature are white. Dentition changes from "baby" teeth, to adult set of teeth. The thicker the enamel, the whiter the teeth. With time we acquire stains, there is a whole guide and list of different sets of stains out there...green, brown, yellow, red, orange etc...some are caused by digestive system, others by food/tea/coffee.
So with acquired stain a person would want a set of whiter teeth, now here is the kicker. You cannot make them whiter than your enamel allows you to be. Unless of course you go a way of veneers.

So again...if you do decide to go with whitening products: consult your dentist, follow the guidelines.

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Have you used teeth whitening kits before or have you been told that it hurts? You could try some home remedies that people commonly use. Make your own whitening toothpaste by combining baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, table salt and a dab of regular toothpaste. Clean off well with warm water after brushing. Brush once more with your regular toothpaste. Do it once a week.

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