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i have a bump thts as abscess in my upper part of gum i wll pop it but next day r 2 it wll come right back whats thats
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I think you need to see a dentist ASAP. This is not something that we can diagnose over the internet.
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I have had the same abscess over my bad tooth and pop it like a pimple 2 or 3 times a day. I went to the dentist 4 yrs ago and i needed a rootcanal back then. The cost is ridiculous. All my dental work was over $5,000. I can imagine how much it is now 4 yrs later. I don't have any medical insurance and can't even get approved for the monthly payment plan..
I have had this for almost a year now. I also have suffered in many areas for about 8 months now such as going from 9 or more hours of solid sleep with dreams and all to 3 months ago when it haulted.. I wake up several times every single night and never have dreams anymore, also I'm totally fatigued always, and started these weird habbits like picking scabs on my face and obbsessing over my ingrown tonails, their almost gone from all the picking I do.. could these other things have anything to do with my other problems????  And I'm hoping my tooth will just fall out and it will be done with. how long til this will happen???
thank you
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You need to see a dentist and if you need an affordable plan check out


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