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abscess causing other problems?

Hi. Thanks you for taking the time to amswer questions. I have ignored a toothache for a few years due to a fear of dentists (no offense intended) and recently had an abscess diagnosed from a CT scan done for a suspected sinus infection. It turned out to be a very large abscess of 2 teeth, so big, that the dentist and his partner at first told me it was way to big to be an abscess and had to take repeated x-rays to identify it. I am on antibiotics and they told me with a root canal my teeth could be saved. My question is, after 3 years of ignoring this very large abscess, I am being checked for MS because of transient double and blurred vision along with other nerve and muscle probems as well as just generally not feeling well. Could my infected teeth be the real cause? Thanks so much for your time.
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That is a good question, but I don't think that the pathology associated with your teeth is responsible for the other symptoms you are experiencing.
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Thanks for the super-fast reply. Just hoping to make everything go away with one very unwanted trip to the dentist. I'm getting it fixed anyway.
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