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abscess on a root canaled tooth

About 6 months ago, I had a root canal on my #3 molar.
Ever since, it was hurting whenever I tried to bite something hard with that tooth but didn't seek for more treatment because my dentist said it could take longer to heal.

Last week, I started having this dull ache on the tooth and few days later my face started getting swollen. I went to see my dentist and he said it was infected because he must've missed a canal.

My question starts here...
He cut through the gum and removed pus inside and put a rubber like stuff in there.
When I asked what it was, he said it was to kill the nerves he missed from a canal and nothing else needed to be done.
I can't understand how he can clean up a canal through the side of gum.

Does this sound normal?

also, It's been couple of days and the infection cleared up. Does this mean my tooth is saved?
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he did something called a flap surgery.... instead of opening up that whole tooth and removing all the gutta percha ( the stuff he filled the other canals with ) and having to refill everything  he opened from the gums and prolly cut the tip of the root off and cleaned the canals that way....

yes its very normal.... and as you said the infection has cleared up so you should have no worried...as far as the tooth being "saved" , its already dead with no nerve that why you had the root canal... but it wont need to be pulled if thats what your asking
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Sounds like you had what is called an apicoectomy.  Exactly as turkee23 described.

You should be good to go!

Do baby it awhile though, and give it a chance to heal.

Best to you and your saved tooth!
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I've gone to another dentist specializing in implant.
he's saying I need to get this tooth pulled out along with my #13 tooth which was root canaled by the same doc who did the apicoectomy.

He's saying both of the root canals were done poorly which resulted infection and can't be saved.

Should I see an endondonist and try to save both teeth or just have them extracted...
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Here's the x-ray I took today.


#3 & #13 are the ones suggested to extract.
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The previous comment referenced using gutta percha which is the standard of care material that is used to fill the canals.  However, that isn't always the case.  Make sure that they did not use a material commonly known as "sargenti paste", aka N2, RC2B, RC2W.  Sargenti Paste root canals are known to be poorly performed and fail more often than others.  Sargenti Paste contains formaldehyde and sometimes lead and mercury and is used by a minority group of dentists who are shunned by almost all of our dental community.  You should see an endodontist since they specialize in root canals and most of them would not use it. When Sargenti Paste was used on me, I had the tooth removed.  Then I called a lawyer.  
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Is tooth #3 overfilled?  It looks like some of the material may have been extruded beyond the bottom of the tooth??  They do look like sloppy jobs...
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