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abscess tooth

a month and a half ago, i started having pain in my mouth. I tried over the counter drugs like ibuprofin but then the pain got worse. I went to the walk-in clinic and was prescribed the zpak (which was only 6 pills) omeprazole (because aspirins hurt my stomach) and declofenac. I am severely allergic to penecillin.

I am unable to get a dental appointment until february 4th and they have me on their emergency list.
my meds have run out and the pain is worse. I now have a bump near the tooth and my left cheek is swollen on the bottom from my cainine tooth to the back of my jaw and my cheek is very warm. I feel like im going to throw up and i am very dizzy... in fact i almost fell over in the bathroom yesterday.

my dentist office is closed. Should i go to the ER?

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Absolutely, get to an ER now!  The other option would be find your local dental school, they also have emergency facilities.

When you start getting swelling and warmth in the area, the infection has invaded the tissues outside of the mouth.  It is highly possible for that infection to spread very quickly, and this can become life threatening.
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