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abscess tract leading to sinusitus

I had an operation (endoscopic) done about a year ago to relieve my sinus pain and pressure and to remove polyps, and was told by the doctor that the infection in my maxillary sinus (shown on ct scan) was probably caused by something about 8 years prior.  to my knowledge at that time i could not think of anything that would be the case, so i figured the surgery would fix the problem, and a year later the pain is back and the pressure, but not the polyps just yet, and just recently i remembered that when i had my wisdom teeth taken out about 8 years ago i developed an infection in my mandible that probably never really went away, due to lack of funds for the required antibiotics and other treatments.  i can feel pain in my left lymph node and pressure on my top jaw, undoubtedly due to the recurring infection in the maxillary sinus.  i can almost feel a connection between the pain in my face and the pain in my lymph node, right next to my lower jaw where the infection occured.  could this be a rare case of a madibular infection leading not to a neck but to  maxillary sinus problems?  my family doctor told me no, but im not so easily convinced because i don't know the exact details of the past dental abscess, (whether it was on top side too) since i was 14 and didn't put to much time into it.  thanks a ton for listening and please let me know if anyone could shed some wisdom.              
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Dear Brian12345:
       Submandibular lymphadopathy is generally associated ipsilateral jaw bone or dental infection. Even without antibiotics thrapy, regional lymphadenopathy tends to undergo spontaneous remission unless the subject's immune system is severely compromised. Conventional dental x-ray generally can identify the source of infection.Dental infection leading to maillary sinus is extremely rare.Good luck
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