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abscessed in tooth

Last week my teeth on the right upper side were hurting and my gums swelled up ceating a purple blister so I googled it and followed the instructions and now it's ok but the fact that I had to chew on my left side where I have an abscess now my left side is in excruciating pain,  my teeth hurt and my face hurts because it is swollen and now I have a puffiness underneath my eye that feels like there's liquid in it.  I have no insurance so what should I do?
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You can also contact your local dental society to see if there are any local free or low cost clinics which provide dental care as well.  
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You need antibiotics. Abcesses can be serious. There are free and low cost clinics in most major areas. There is also places like the Minute Clinic in CVS where you can pay a minimal cash fee for antibiotics.
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I'm not sure if there is one in your area, but dental schools are also good sources for low cost dentistry.
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