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abscessed tooth and face swelling

At the start of 2012 a week before school started I began getting a shooting pain in what felt like in my gums and right inbetween my teeth. I endured almost sleepless nights of drooling because the pain was so much that I wouldnt dare move my face. I couldnt eat either, over the counter medicines didnt work. My face then began to start swelling. It was the right side. Parents finally took me to the dentist. Did some tests determined had some sort of infection in the tooth. They did a root canal and the guy cleaned out the inside of the tooth the best he could with antibiotics they said. After that they gave me some more antibiotics to take for about a week or a little more after. Majority of swelling went down. Even after all that and now years later I'm trying to figure out if I still have swelling in my right side from this infection. I heard the infection in these cases usually still resides or even grows if not fully eliminated. I will write three scenarios that raise my suspicion for this all occurring some time after this previous story. I started getting bad acne, the right side of my face looked like it was swelling according to my mother to where she was getting concerned (i was also slightly aware of this). They put me in some sort of antibiotics for all round body that must have been related to treating acne infections. During this time I do remember a short period of time a few weeks into treatment where swelling subsided so I stopped taking meds again. Another later occasion I and my brother were arguing and he called me out making fun of my right side being "swollen". This raised insecurities and I later asked him you think my face is uneven like that? He told me truthfully that my right side has gotten fatter and been that way ever since I got that infection in the tooth.
So I guess what I'm asking is that is the infection from the tooth abscess continuing to cause some recurring swelling in my right side? Are there any tests to determine this? Do you think I should try taking the same antibiotic I did when I had acne and see if any swelling goes down again?
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Hi, a simple xray would show any infections.
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