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bad breath

bad breath
Hello, im 30 years old
I have bad breath after removing braces  ,
1- After removing the rings installed Orthodontic that put on the premolar
and the same time:
2-  My wisdom teeth are growing up .
This is 2 reasons , but i dont know Which causes to bad breath
my gums around wisdom teeth coming out Blood when i use floss
i went to the dentist to clean my mouth every six months !
i always clean my tongue every day !three times!
but bad breath renewed!!!!

now tell me what can i do ?
Do you advise me to take off my wisdom teeth
I'm not sure it's the reason?
Dislocated internecine premolar that were proven Orthodontic?

help me please
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Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Welcome to Medhelp and thanks for posting

You can read about "Pericoronitis"  an (Infection Near Wisdom Tooth) at http://www.colgateprofessional.com/patient-education/articles/periocoronitis-infection-near-wisdom-tooth.

This infection cannot exist when the wisdom teeth are removed along with any skin flaps that trap food. so you need to go the dentist and talk about your options.

As far as your cleaning routine, it's great that you floss. So many people don't and they continue to have problems until they lose their teeth. So keep up the flossing, every time you eat , to remove all food.

I also suggest that you invest in a waterpic. You'll never regret ht investment. Alternate with salt, but always use mouthwash in your water pic (along with water in the reservoir) Also, i suggest that you get used to vigorously swishing mouthwash when your'e using the bathroom anyway. Continue to swish the mouthwash until it loses it's sting, and feels like you're swishing normal water. It will get rid of any bacteria on a regular basis through the day, and your teeth will thank you. If you have any reservations about it, look at some gnarly pictures of people who have dental problems and it will help to keep you motivated.

Happy trails.
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Thank you so much for your answer
in your personally openion did you agree to take off my wisdome teeth?

thanx again
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Seeing an oral medicine specialist is advised. If no identifiable orodental cause of halitosis, you may need to see gatroenterologist.
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any comment please
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Wisdom tooth is generally useless, unless certain special condition exists .
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Thank you dr.scottma
i'm thinking seriously to take of my wisdome teeth
i have 4 wisdom teeth
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