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bad rottened and infected teeth that abcess all the time

my teeth are rottened and stay abcessed all the time. i need them all pulled out but i dont have any insurance or money to have this done. i been sick for over 6 months with weakness,body aches, blurry viision in one eye and extreme fatigue and my left arm stays swelled and has a red like little blood bumps on it. i even hurt in my shoulder and neck. and here lately ive also been getting headaches and my blood pressure is getting real high. i take 50mg morning and 50mg at night. and it still staying high. i was wonder were my teeth stay abcessed all the time and pus comes out like a boil on your skin but it on the gums of your teeth. what can your teeth do to your body when they get real bad.
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Gum disease can potentially lead to heart disease.
It would be recommended to have the teeth treated as soon as possible.
Any infection in your body can result in you feeling ill.
It would be worth asking you Dentist is trying a course of antibiotics would help to at least clear the infection up hopefully.
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