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bluish lump under tongue

I have a bluish lump that I just discovered on Sunday under my tongue.  When I grab it, which is very difficult, it is round in shape and becomes whitish and bluish and clear.  I am very nervous about mouth cancer.  Has anyone ever experience this?  It is the size of a pea and appeared out of no where.  Any advice will be appreciated.  I have an appointment with my dentist, but I was curious what others may think.
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Sounds like a blood vessel.  You probably never noticed it before.  Come back to tell us what it turned out to be.
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Thank you!  The dentist is sending me to an oral surgeon.  He said it looks like a cyst in my salivary gland.  My appt. is this Thursday.  Thanks for thinking of me!
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I went to the oral surgeon and he said it is NOT cancer.  He thinks it is a blocked salivary duct which he does not want to remove because it is on a vein and it will bleed a lot.  I have to go back in three weeks to see if it has gotten any bigger.  He said if it doesn't get big and it doesn't bother me, it is best to leave it alone....THANK YOU FOR ASKING!!
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I just found a bluish lump on the side of MY TONGUE..  Help.  I chew nicorette gum which apparently triggers cancer on the tongue.  Any suggestions? Hawley
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