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bone grafting !! plz help me out of this darkness

          I happened to have bone loss in upper jaw  regarding 4 teeth located exactly in fron teeth( 1,2 upper left and 1 , 2  in upper right ).  My doctor recommended to have bone grafting for a possible implantations. Now the question is :
1) Does alloplastic grafting ( hydroxylapetite) do any good ?  what are the risk factors?
2) is there any other alternatives besides allografting..autogeneous grafting or zenografting...that has less risk factors?
3) what is the best alloplastic grafting material .......compatible to bone integrations.
   I dislike autogeneous bone grafting...by the way. Thanks a lot for any help in advance.    Very cordially,
                                                                                                                                   Cyrus N.
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I am 51 years old and will be getting braces in the next few weeks.  My orthrodontist is going non-traditional and will be removing only one tooth, the lower tooth #24 as part of my treatment. I was sent for a consultation for the removal of the tooth and an estimate of what is going to be done was sent to my dental benefits insurance company.  The estimate noted: Extract Erupt Tooth/Exposed root, Splinting - Extracoronal, Bone Graft and Resorbable Barrier.  My insurance company will not pay for the Splinting - Extracoronal, Bone Graft and Resorbable Barrier.   I am a bit surprised that I would need these things that are not covered since I will have braces to fill-in where the tooth will be extracted.  My question is since I am not getting an implant where this tooth is being extracted and since my dental insurance does not pay for these things noted, are they necessary?  
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Thanks a bunch...what if there were two alternatives for a similar case  :
1) autogeneous grafting
2) aloplastic grafting ( using hydroxilapetite )???
kindly yours,
Cyrus N
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The type of bone graft used would be individualized to you.  Only your dentist would know the best type to use to fit your individual situation as it can depend on how much bone loss has already occurred.

Your questions would be best asked of the surgeon performing your procedure.  He will choose what is best in your situation.  

Best to you,
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