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bone sticking out!! help!

i had a tooth extracted about 2 weeks ago.... the healing seems to be fine ,but there is a piece of my jaw  that is sticking out, it hurts to touch, and almost seems like its trying to break throuhg my gums, it seems to be a sharp piece....is this normal??.....i keep reading the stories about them leaving a peice of tooth in there....or something..... maybe it need to be shaved down??.... i go back to the dentist tomorrow to get another extraction  im going to ask about it then as well....
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no money for the implant i dont have 6000 for that .... they are the back teeth on the bottom so nobody ever going to see them ya know.....its on the side of the hole....towards the top.... i dunno but i will deff bring it up to the dentist tomorrow.
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Hi turkee23!

It is possible that there is a small piece of the tooth which has not been
removed.. depends on where this is.. at the very bottom of the hole or on the side...?
It is also possible, that this is the jaw bone, or a piece of the jaw bone which has been hurted during extraction. It really needs to be checked, it is good that you are going to the dentist tomorrow i think. Me i also will, just like my aunt did it. I will go to Hungary to the empireclinic, she - my aunt - was very satsfied with the treatment and especially with the prices and the quality she got there.. I'll see it soon as well, if you want to, just check their site! Me i'll also get some implants as some teeth have been extracted..

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