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bubble on my gum

Thank you for the opportunity to blog.  My upper tooth on the side fell out because of my failure to finish my root canal.  The tooth had turned black and when i ate something hard once it just fell out like that.  A couple of months later I think i formed an abscess because i had some swelling above the missing tooth and I started pressing on it and it hurt.. Next for some odd reason i decided to stick the tip of my tounge where my tooth is missing and I felt the worst pain in the world.  The pain shot up from my mouth to my head, my eyes started to tear and my entire body went numb. I wanted to just die that is how bad the pain is.  I am currently on antibiotics amoxicallin and have an appointment in 4 days.  WHAT CAN I EXPECT TO HAPPEN?
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It sounds like the tooth fractured due to decay.  But although you state that the tooth fell out, I believe that the top of the tooth that you can see broke off but the roots of the teeth are still in your jaw bone, causing you pain and problems.  Most likely, the dentist will have to remove your tooth to get rid of the infection.  

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