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complicated dental frustrations

I've been diagnosed with a glio and one of my important meds is my CSF diuretic Diamox Sequels and I'm maxed on the dose of 3 grams/day. We can't ween back down or my intracranial pressure goes above 60-70 within one week. Well this med has given me such dry mouth and dry eyes too. But my mouth, despite my best efforts and monetary limitations looks awful. I buy anything they make to help dry mouth but when I sit down five minutes later it feels like they're is a pile of sand in my throat and mouth. I need to buy stock in Biotene! I use the softest brush I have found, Biotene toothpaste, woven sensitive floss, then I mix the Biotene mouthwash and Crest Pro Health. 3-4 times a day. Halfway through brushing though I have to start over bc I'm only brushing with blood by then. I can't eat solid foods so only Ensure and a lot of tea and coffee. The other important med wants a lot of caffeine. I don't eat sugar or substitutes. I get a build up of white chunky material that starts at the gum line and moves up my teeth. I have no clue what all is going on dental. And of course I don't have dental insurance and my oncology meds and treatments are expensive enough. Any wisdom and knowledge? Thank you.
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