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dental assistance programs

Im new at this. I don't know if I'm doing things correctly. I copied and pasted my email to my browser but I don't know if I did it the correct way. My question is I have dental insurance but not enough coverage for what I have to have done. I have to have all my teeth pulled and from what I've been told most oral surgeons don't have payment plans and even if there was a payment plan I can't afford to pay the balance in full after my insurance pays their part. And then I need to go back to my dentist for the full set of dentures. It's only May and I was gona wait until the end of the year to have my teeth pulled so that in January I would have more coverage for the dentures. I have no choice but to wait until I can pay but my all my teeth have rampant decay nd cavaties all near the gumline and in front of some teeth in back of some teeth and on top of some teeth and and some teeth have cavaties in the front back and on top alltogether in a single tooth. I've been in pain for so long now I don't remember when I wasn't in pain. Does anyone know of assistance programs. I don't know if I'm allowed to list my state I live in. Im mentally disabled and my husband works and the he's the carrier of the insurance I have. If I keep waiting my dental condition is going to continue to get worse but I have no choice as I can't afford to pay for the balance. If anyone has any advice or information it would be greatly appreciated. I was also told by one place that I didn't qualify for charity work because I have dental insurance but not much coverage for the work that I need done and want to go through an oral surgeon that I know of and has a really good reputation. He would be the one to extract my teeth and then I would need to go back to my dentist for the dentures as my dentist informed me. I've been to her twice and she was a second opinion. Or I need at least 14 root canals with crowns and the other 14 she will not know until she gets inside the tooth if it may be necessary for more root canals and that is significantly more costly than to just have them pulled and get dentures
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