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dental implant: immediate loading and infection

I did an implant on my tooth #10. The same day the doctor did tooth extraction and an immediate implant loading.

on one side of the implant, there are some bone infection. It dose not cause much pain and swelling, but it cause the procedure of bone binding the implant very slow.

I am very concern about the success rate of my implant under this condition. I would like to hear expert's opinion about it. How is the success rate under this situation.

Doctor ask me to use mouth wash each night to clean it.

I also do floss seriously, and every now and then, I use salt water to clean my mouth.

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I did the surgery on April 21, around when you think I need to see periodontist?

since last follow up visit, which is around two weeks ago, according to x-ray.  the right side of the implant, the bone fuse with the implant very well. on the left side of the implant, there are spaces between my bone and the implant.  

Dr. said that on that side, the process will be slow. if after3 moths, which is July 21, the bone still not begin fuse with implant, can we say it is pretty sure that the implant is not successful? Thanks.
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by delay, you mean as far as I take a good care of my tooth, which means, clean it, floss it, mouth wash from CVS (3 times / day). eventually, the OI will happen and gose well.

The day the doctor found that one side of my implant did not go very well with the OI, he even did not give me a prescription for the anti-biotics. He just asked me to use mouth wash (The one need the prescription) during the night.  It was me later on after the visit, got so upset and then explicitly called him for the anti-biotics prescription. He gave me about one week supply. That's all.

I did the surguery in the middle of April. Doctor told me the lasted time to do a implant crown could be in Dec. any time after that, I might have bone loss. and he recommend to do the implant crown after 5 month which is Sept.

if OI got delayed, then what is the good time to do the implant crown? Octor? Thanks.
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