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dental implant pain

In August 2005 I had a tooth removed (upper right premolar adjacent to canine). The extraction was quite traumatic given that the tooth has to be taken in pieces. Following the extraction, I had a great loss of bone (I can provide x-rays) and discomfort that never went away. The adjacent premolar was also missing. In Nov 2005, a dental implant was put into place but oddly the oral surgeon chose to put it angled from the molar.  The discomfort I had before increased with the implant so that I thought of removing the implant. Eventually, however (June 2006), I had a crown put on the implant and the discomfort improved Unfortunately, In 2008, the crown got loosen and it was removed. A new one it is now been made. The implant seemed solid but I am in pain since I had the crown removed. The pain seems to be around the gum surrounding the implant but irradiates to all the right maxillary. The pain goes away with ibuprofen (600 mg) but I would not like to stay forever on this medication and I wonder if you could give me any advice. Thanks in advance for any input.

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They may have placed the implant at an angle due to the significant bone loss you stated having.  Hopefully once the new crown is placed, you will be pain free again.
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Your presentation is a rare occurence in that most implant problems are associated with crown delivery. If there is no periimplantitis , osseointegration, or sinus pathology, ruling out heterotopic pain is warrented, which is best evaluated and managed by orofacial pain specialist.
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