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dental problems post root canal, biting pain over 1 year,etc

Had a crown put on a broken tooth. After that I had biting pain in one area. Tried new crown etc. Finally had root canal, last january, after root canal had biting pain on all areas of tooth and can even feel something when touching sides and top of tooth. Last molar in back on bottom. I do have tmj, I can feel a high point in that area when I have my mouth closed. Dentist, endo and oral surgeon say they see no high spots, so I guess I must be crazy, it's only my mouth! Best of all, I saw the endo again and he basically told me it's all in my head, the xrays are beautiful, to go ahead and eat on that side (SURE!!) and get the permanent filling put in by my regular dentist. I believe he needs to go in there and check it or I need to see a tmj or some kind of specialist ( I did  see a tmj/oral surgeon here, but he said to see the endo, to either redo the root canal or have it pulled, didn't even do a tmj workup on me)> Now, why are these drs. just passing me by and I have been in discomfort for 1 1/2 years. I don't know what to do. I have spent thousands already and if I get a second opinion from another endo what will that cost? Can anyone help me with getting my original endodontist to open up this tooth and use the magnifier to check for cracks or is there another specialist I should see. I am going crazy here! I can't belive all the trouble I am having trying to figure this out on my own and I can't believe my endos advice. He came highly qualififed and the root canal was fast easy painless with great xrays but I can not eat on that tooth! Help me please. M
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bump, help someone, please. m
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I guess this board is not very busy. Does anyone know of a site where I can get answers/opinions? I am going crazy here. Thanks!
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I can relate to your pain.
I had a root canal done and complained about pain for several years.
I asked the endo doctor to redo the canal and had relief.
My pain was from an incomplete root canal.
Your pain could be from a crack not seen in the x-ray at the root.
Anything is possible, please do not give up.
Good luck

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Thank you for answering, did you get complete relief after your redo? The thing is , I have to now pressure my endo into doing a redo, at least going in and looking at the tooth again. He basically told me it was fine. He was very reputable so I do not understand this attitude. I think I am going to have my regualr dentist call or write him, I can't go on like this and I don't want to pull it as a first resort. Anyone else? thanks
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I'm in the same boat, having a non-usable throbbing molar (that's already been de-rooted, crowned, and STILL HURTS) and a seemingly retarded Endo (though highly regarded) is totally frustrating.
I'll rip out yours if you rip out mine?
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Jesska, do you have biting pain and discomfort when pressing on sides of tooth? Have you been able to rectify your problem? What is with these Endos?!!
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